Monday, March 22, 2010

Crossborder Collection

Check out the photography fundraising event to be held at La Petite Mort Gallery this Sat March 27, 7-10 pm. All proceeds of the print sales will go to the Stephen Lewis Foundation, a grassroots HIV/AIDS initiative.

Here are a few pictures I took on a two year trip in the 90's. Wow I can't believe it was so long ago! At the time I really felt that I wanted to capture people in their unique environments before their traditional ways of life changed with so many outside influences, such as tourism, exposure to media etc.
My partner, Sebastian and I were on a two year trip at the time. Actually, we were to return home when the money ran out. We lived on a very frugal travel plan. Sebastian and I would spend more money on film than on food and lodging. It was worth it! What a weight loss plan!
Now that I have a digital camera this trip would be so much easier. I am not sure my photos would be of better quality. I shot 35 mm transparency, mostly Fuji Velvia at 40 or 50 ISO. With such a slow film in my camera most of the time, I chose to miss a lot of great shots. With a limited supply of film, I was editing before every shot. When I look at a sheet of 36 frames, I love just about every shot.