Sunday, July 31, 2011

30th Anniversary Trip To Namibia!

It is two days before our departure to Namibia. All our camera gear is 80% organized. Duffel bags are barely filled with clothing. Sebastian has gone to bed. I have to e-mail a few accommodations for final confirmations. With the time difference it is best to contact them between 12 a.m. and 12 p.m. my time.

I have spent many hours researching Namibia on the web in the last 6 months. Very different from our trips in the 90's. We bought a few Lonely Planet guides and off we went! With backpacks loaded we just walked the streets on arrival and found a clean and economical place to sleep. Now 20 + years later, I have scrutinized the web-sites of many lodges in Namibia, looking for amazing landscapes, great accommodations (campsites), potential excursions and of course..... warm and welcoming hosts. Wow what a lot of time on the computer! I miss the total spontaneity of just showing up with guide book in hand. On the other hand, we are wiser now and one should not leave travel - lodging plans up to fate! We have never slept outside because of lack of accommodations. Now I am booking campsites. Very odd in deed! We will be traveling with a trusty lonely planet guide of course.

Tomorrow is Sebastian and I 's 30th anniversary. On the first Monday of August 1981, Sebastian offered to cut my hair in the salon (The Parlour) even though it was officially closed. Hair dressers day off. I was wary since only my sister had been cutting my hair for years. It all worked out and we decided to go to the NAC Cafe for a drink. Beer was on tap, served in a plastic disposable cup. Decor - white plastic tables and chairs. The view of the Rideau Canal priceless! Well ...... 30 years later the plastic furniture has long since been removed from the NAC terrace. I think we will go for a wonderfully fattenning dessert and maybe a KGB coffee tomorrow.
This picture of Sebastian and I is one of my personal favourites. It was taken a few years ago during an amazing driving holiday to the Gaspe region (Perce)in Quebec. We don't take very many pictures of ourselves so please accept this as a true and fair likeness.

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